Phil Atkin

Phil Atkin developed a fascination for polished metal as a child after a visit to The Cutlers' Hall in Sheffield, but he never imagined that in the future he would become a pewter craftsman. 

For many years he expressed his creativity through the medium of computer graphics, creating polished and detailed virtual objects rather than physical pieces. But his love of nature inspired him to find a means of creating art that was both beautiful and useful; and in a happy coincidence, he found his muse in a workshop offered by one of the UK's leading pewtersmiths.

Since then Phil has been casting pewter homewares using time-honoured craft techniques. The work is labour intensive - each piece is created by handpouring molten pewter into an individual rubber mould. 

Phil's inspiration comes from shells he has discovered on beachcombing expeditions in Cornwall, New England and the Mediterranean. He also casts decorative pieces from exotic shells and starfish, given to him by friends who know of his passion for pewter.

Clam Shell  - solid pewter -  width 7cm  £21.50
Limpet Shell - solid pewter - width 4cm  £14.50
Oyster and Clam Salt & Pepper Set  £55
Scallop and Mussel Salt & Pepper Set  £49.50