Katherine Parsons

 Katherne Parsons is a fused glass artist, working from her studio in rural Cornwall.  Her work is inspired by the natural world and the colours and patterns within it.:-

"Kikn forming allows artistic expression to combine with the science of heating glass.  It is the interaction of heat and glass which is a continuing source of fascination and discovery for me - the element of surprise; variables and unpredictability."

"My preference is for using 'Bullseye Clear Tekta' in my work.  I particularly like the Champagne bubbles and striations that form its character.  I am experimenting with the reactive potential of glass and how combining different elements can create interesting effects."

"Some colours 'Strike' and can appear pale or colourless in their cold form, but mature to their target colour when heated to the right temperature."

"Sometimes it seems that I have only begun to scratch the surface of this vast subject and a lifetime of further exploration lies ahead."

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Large boats £65, small boats £45, Set of coasters £45
Large square bowl £95
Katherine Parsons