Daisy Sims Hilditch

Daisy Sims-Hilditch is a figurative artist based in London.

Born in 1991, Daisy was brought up in Wiltshire and it was there that she began drawing and painting as a child.  She developed a keen interest in plein air painting at an early age after visiting the Museé de L'Orangerie in Paris as a teenager.  She left feeling totally captivated by the paintings of the Impressionists, in particular Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley.

Daisy has since painted around the world in locations such as Morocco and Venice, creating a large body of work.  Daisy says "I get excited by the changing light, whether it be stormy skies in Cornwall or light at the crack of dawn in Florence.

Having spent the last four years undertaking a rigorous training in sight -size portraiture at the Charles H Cecil studios in Florence, Daisy has developed a passionate appreciation for painting from life.

In the Autumn of 2016 Daisy's portrait 'Alessandra' was selected for the BP awards at the National Portrait Gallery.

Her portrait 'Franziska' was exhibited at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Galleries in December 2016.

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'Evening Light, Tavern Beach St Mawes' - oil - 30 x 40cm  £1,075
'Swans On The Percuil, St Mawes' - oil - 44 x 65cm (59 x 79cm framed)  £1,165
'The Edge Of The Sea, St Mawes' - oil -  14 x 20cm (26 x 32cm framed)  £450
'Winter Morning, Porthcurnick' - oil - 40 x 50cm (53 x 63cm framed)  £1,075
'The Colours Of Summer, Tavern Beach St Mawes' - oil - 40 x 50cm (58 x 67cm)   SOLD
'Evening Light, St Mawes' - oil - 24 x 19cm (36 x 31cm framed)  SOLD
'Looking West to Portscatho' - oil - 30 x 30cm (41 x 41cm framed)  SOLD
'Sunny Day, Portscatho Harbour' - oil - 39 x 29cm (51 x 41cm framed)  SOLD
'Light On The Water, Portscatho ' - oil - SOLD
Sunny Morning, St Mawes Harbour' - oil - 25 x 20cm (38 x 32cm framed)  SOLD
'The brave swimmer' - oil - 25 x 20cm SOLD
'Church Hill, St Mawes' - oil - 49cm x 29cm (size framed 63 x 43cm)  SOLD
'Low Tide In The Harbour' - oil - 30 x 30cm SOLD
'Early Light On Summers Beach' - oil - 30 x 30cm (41 x 41cm framed)  SOLD
'Cloudy Day, St Mawes' - oil - 29 x 39cm (42 x 52cm framed)  SOLD
'Morning Reflections, Porthcurnick Beach' - oil - 40 x 40cm (53 x 53 framed)  SOLD
'St Mawes Harbour Wall' - oil - 30 x 40cm (41 x 52cm framed)  SOLD
'Boat Leaving St Mawes Harbour' - oil - 20 x 20cm (33 x 33cm framed)  SOLD
'Red Sailing Boat, St Mawes' - oil - 20 x 20cm (33 x 33cm framed)  SOLD
'Polvarth Boatyard, Percuil River St Mawes - oil - 39 x 39cm (52 x 52cm framed)  SOLD
'Windsurfers On Summers Beach, Evening Light' - oil - 30 x 30cm, framed size 42 x 42cm  Sold
'St Mawes Castle, Evening Sparkle' - oil - 18 x 24cm, framed size 30 x 36cm   Sold
'Sunny Morning, Paddleboarders' - oil - 24 x 30cm   Sold